Chapter 2

Aven : the pioneers' entrance

Until 1931 and the opening of the funicular, the Grotte des Demoiselles could only be accessed through this natural well, the initial room for exploration.

Messe de Noël

An entry known by all ...

Numerous archaeological testimonies attest to a place known and visited since time immemorial . First humans of Languedoc, Little Jean of legend, proscribed from wars and revolutions throughout the tumultuous history of France, intrepid explorers ...

All have passed through the Aven de la Grotte des Demoiselles and other cavities on the plateau, defying their apprehension for this underground and mysterious world .

Open on the Thaurac plateau, entry was facilitated by a scree cone rising to mid-height. And long before humans ventured here, many animals made shelter out of it.

To visit the Grotte des Demoiselles is to discover their stories, it is to walk in their footsteps.

Chapter 3

The Explorers