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Halloween at the Cave: a thrilling experience

On this dark and enchanted day, the visits of 11:30 and 15:00 were slightly disturbed by the witch of the Thaurac! Brouhhh...

Halloween Tour

Visitors experienced a real feat saving the fairies from a threat during an exciting hunt. A witch "Earth-ifiante" had infiltrated the cave, sowing chaos among the fairies. But thanks to their courage and determination, the visitors overcame adversity and protected the fairies.

In this captivating underground world, visitors were propelled into a breathtaking adventure. Through the mysterious galleries, they pursued the witch with increasing tension, until the final confrontation. Their ingenuity and team spirit were put to the test, creating an unforgettable experience tinged with fear and excitement.

This memorable visit will be remembered as a testament to the courage and determination of visitors in the face of adversity. A heroic feat that united the participants to accomplish the impossible and preserve the magic of the Damsels' fairies. A sensational adventure where action and intrigue mingled to create unforgettable memories.