Welcome to the Grotte des Demoiselles, we are open every day. The visit is accessible in all weathers, with no risk of flooding (the river Hérault is 200m below), so you'll be safe from bad weather. We even recommend that you visit the cave during heavy rains, so that you can fully enjoy the sound atmosphere. What's more, it's also very pleasant during the hot summer months, offering guaranteed coolness. Booking is highly recommended!

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The Grotte des Demoiselles a remarkable site for climbing!

"With more than 220 km of hiking trails and 835 level 4 to 8c + routes, the place is a fabulous natural setting".

La Grotte des Demoiselles actively participates in the management of the climbing site on the cliff of the Massif du Thaurac which dominates Saint-Bauzille de Putois, in close collaboration with the SNE (Sites Naturels et Escalade) and with the Gangeoise and Suménoise Commune Community .